Company Profile

Greatway US Co. is a contract house-ware manufacture and house-ware consulting company. Headquartered in Naperville, IL, just about 30miles south of Chicago, Greatway US Co. specialized in OEM design, development, and manufacturing of variety of kitchenware products. with over 13 years of experience in the house-ware and kitchen industry and a dozen of successful product developments & launches, Greatway US Co. is here to help you to transform your ideas into products on the store shelves.

Company History

Greatway US Co was founded by Mary & John in 2001 after meeting their first client through a mutual friend. John’s strong technical background in engineering combined with Mary’s extensive knowledge and connections within Chinese manufacturing network, they made an effective team for the client. Their first successful partnership with the client resulted in a blockbuster product named “The Butter Boat”. The product was sold through QVC for an extended period of time and gained many loyal customers.
Currently, Greatway International’s client base ranges from small start-ups to corporations such as Trudeau, and from big retailers such as Home Goods to televised home shopping networks to local kitchenware stores across the globe.
Mary & John’s vision is to grow the company along with their clients and helping them to realize their dreams by turning ideas into products. Their mission is to be the one-stop solution for the clients in designing and sourcing of kitchenware products.

Our Mission

We GUARANTEE your satisfaction. Return any merchandise to us, at any time, or tell us if our service is less than 100% satisfactory. You can reach us via e-mail at or call us: 1-888-208-8889.

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